Reservation of the laboratories at Am Steiger 3

The following calendar shows whether and when our laboratories have been booked for teaching or research. There are four labs, each providing two PC desks. The laboratories on the ground floor (east wing) may be used for student experiments, though not more than two laboratories for a period of not more than three days may be booked for this use. More than two laboratories for more than three days may be booked for student experiments, while these laboratories are not requested for other purposes. Bookings made subject to other requests, are marked in the calendar with an asterix, these bookings are valid only as long the respective laboratory is not requested otherwise.

If you want to book one of the labs or return the lab key, please contact our lab coordinator (

Please note that in the time from 18.05. until 12.06. the empirisches Praktikum has priority.


To access the lab schedule, please ask your Empra-Leiter or the lab coordinator ( for log in data.

Please note the guidelines for using the laboratories at Am Steiger 3
laboratories on the ground floor are to be used for teaching and research purposes only (practical empirical seminars (Empra), data collection for theses). Using them for other purposes may only be acceptable in some cases, and only if rooms are not needed for teaching/research purposes.
  • Please keep the laboratories in a clean and orderly condition. This includes leaving the labs in the same condition as you found them (setup of the laboratory: two lab desks, back-to-back, partitions, …).

    Attention: If you plan bigger changes to the laboratory setup (moving furniture or lab equipment), you must consult the lab coordinator first.

  • You are expected to treat the technical equipment with care. For example, if the monitors are scratched they will become useless for most of our experimental work. If you notice any damages or have caused any damages yourself, please contact the lab coordinator immediately.

  • Since all computers are connected to the internet, you should permit regular Windows updates and updates of the antivirus software installed. It is advised to do so before you start collecting data.

  • Installing software is only permitted in exceptional cases. If you are in need of a particular kind of software, please contact the lab coordinator or Mr. Peuckert in advance.